• F-R100 3G/4G Industrial Router

      Ethernet, serial and I/O for connecting diverse field assets
      Maximizes uptime by seamlessly switching between the multiple Internet interfaces
      Secure your data using a variety of VPN tunneling schemes
      Din-Rail or wall mounting or desktop

  • F-IPC100 IOT Industrial Computer

    ●  Android and Linux Dual-OS
    ●  Freescale Cortex™-A9 i.MX 6 Quad processor with 2GB RAM
      With open development resources and abundant applications available
      Optimized hardware base driver enables stable and fast network connection, smooth user experience and excellent performance of peripherals

  • F-DVR200 3G/4G HDD Mobile DVR

    ●  Advanced Data Collection Extended
      8 Channel Video Monitoring
      3G / 4G / WIFI / LAN Network
      GPS ( optional )

  • Wireless Video Telemetry System in the Field of Industrial Applications

    In the unattended applications, through the construction of a wireless video telemetry system, video and data to overlay, on the one hand can visually presented to the user

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  • The intersection of image capture system solutions

    At the crossroads of image capture system is divided into three parts: control center, terminal equipment network camera, network transmission equipment (Four-Faith 3G 4G Cellular Router F-R100)

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